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SELECTBIO Conferences Point of Care Diagnostics 2016


Paper Microfluidic Sensors for Point-of-care Diagnostic Applications in Low-resource Settings

Elain Fu, Professor, Oregon State University

High-sensitivity point-of-care diagnostic assays that are rapid, easy to use, and low cost are needed for use in low-resource settings. The conventional lateral flow test is the standard bioassay format for oint-of-care applications in these settings due to its rapid time to result, ease of use, and low cost. However, for many analytes, conventional lateral flow tests lack the sensitivity to have clinical utility. The rapidly growing field of “paper” microfluidics has the potential to address this issue. In particular, we are developing paper-based devices that can automatically perform multi-step sample processing for high-sensitivity detection in a format that is appropriate for use in low-resource settings. Key to the successful operation of these devices is the development of a “paper microfluidics toolbox” for controlling flow and metering multiple small volumes of fluids within devices. This presentation will highlight tools development in the context of applications for infectious disease diagnosis (e.g., malaria and influenza) and therapy monitoring (e.g., for phenylketonuria treatment) in low-resource settings.

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