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SELECTBIO Conferences POC Diagnostics, Global Health-Viral Diseases 2017


Early Detection of Hormone-Related Illnesses by Olfaction

Barbara Smith, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Endocrine and metabolic disorders encompass a wide-range of illnesses, including: cardiovascular disease, tissue health, reproductive ability, cancer, and even stress. Failure of current technologies to provide real-time feedback of hormone levels does not stem from either a lack of medical interest or importance; rather, it is sourced in two major difficulties: i) unidentified biomarkers for the detection and characterization of altered hormone levels, and ii) no currently available diagnostic technology exists for monitoring hormone levels in real time. Thus, it is critically important to bridge the gap created by the limitations of current approaches, so as to provide individuals with a means of monitoring the ongoing changes in the production of hormones. In this work, we take non-invasive diagnostics to the next level, identifying hormone volatile biomarkers specific to fertility, stress, and cancer as released by the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands. Our research is designed to identify volatile biomarkers, from non-invasive samples, for the development of next-generation monitoring.

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