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SELECTBIO Conferences Materials & Tools for Developing POC & Rapid Dx 2023


Detection of Cancer Related Protease Biomarkers from Blood Spot Cards – Transition to Viable POC Diagnostics for Cancer

Michael Heller, Distinguished Scientist - Knight Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Early Detection and Research (CEDAR), Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Important cancer related protease biomarkers can be detected rapidly from blood spot card samples using simple electrophoretic and lateral flow devices. The combination of blood spot card samples and simple detection devices represents an ideal approach for new POC and rapid molecular diagnostics. Proteases represent a class of enzymes that degrade proteins and have been associated with a range of diseases, including cardiovascular; coagulation disorders; inflammatory diseases, diabetes, sepsis; infectious diseases and cancer. The protease assays utilize fluorescent charge-changing peptide substrates and can be carried out using small volumes (5ul-10ul) of whole blood, plasma or serum. No sample preparation is required, and the fluorescent peptide products can be detected in about 30 minutes using simple electrophoretic and lateral flow formats We now have results showing the elevation of specific proteases (trypsin, chymotrypsin, MMPs and Cathepsins) in pancreatic (PDAC) and other cancers. We also have preliminary results showing protease biomarkers can be detected from samples applied to “Blood Spot Cards.” Use of blood spot cards represents a paradigm change with advantages including they require only a small blood sample (5-10ul), are cost $$$ effective (compared to a blood draw tube) and would allow viable time course studies and companion diagnostics to be carried out (hours, days, weeks).

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