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SELECTBIO Conferences The Space Summit Europe 2020


Magnetic Levitational Biofabrication in Space Applying Different Objects

Elena Bulanova, Head, 3D Bioprinting Solutions Russia

Magnetic levitational bioassembly of 3D constructs represents a novel rapidly emerging scaffold-free and label-free approach and alternative conceptual advance in biofabrication. The implementation of magnetic bioassembler in space is quite beneficial since the microgravity conditions facilitate magnetic levitation, which allows to use lower concentrations of toxic gadolinium salt to paramagnetise the culture medium. The magnetic bioassembler certified for space research is compact, automated and user friendly. We’ve developed a special cuvettes for successful samples delivery, experiment activation and performance, fixation and return to Earth.
Different 3D constructs have been biofabricated in space under Z-gravity conditions from tissue spheroids, bacteria and calcium phosphates applying different concentrations of paramagnetic in culture medium. Bioassembled 3D construct from different tissue spheroids demonstrated good viability, advanced stages of fusion process, appropriate tissue architecture and characteristics. Bacterial three-dimensional non-attached biofilms were produced from different E. coli strains as a suitable in vitro model for chronic infections. The magnetic levitation of calcium phosphate particles allowed the rapid creation of 3D scaffolds intended for bone defect replacement.

3D printing and 3D bioprinting in Space is beneficial:

  • We will be able to travel much lighter printing the spare parts, creating working machine shop in Space
  • Living spaces and laboratories will printed on the Moon and Mars
  • The possibilities for bone and cartilage repair during long-term missions are quite desirable
  • The bioprinting of food is beneficial

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