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SELECTBIO Conferences Technologies for Value Addition in Food Products


Technologies for Value Addition to Dairy Foods

Jash Bhai B Prajapati, Principal & Dean, Anand Agricultural University

Progress of any food business is possible either by increasing the volumes, diversification or value addition. Improving the performance by value addition is the preferred option as it brings diversity and profitability along with it. Selling low volume, highly value added products are always better then selling high volume generic/raw products. Society also prefers value added convenience food products. Value addition in food products is possible in several ways, which include processing, modification, fortification, supplementation, blending, packaging, etc. It depends on how innovative is the entrepreneur and for whom the product is targeted. Milk is considered nature's almost complete food, but it has lot of scope for value addition. Manufacture of any product from milk is an example of value addition, but how it can reach to the top of value addition pyramid needs understanding of market dynamics, consumer demands and innovative technologies. Milk is deficient in fiber, iron, and vitamin C and hence any natural source of such nutrients can be made partner with milk for value addition. This is an era of microbes; a group of healthy bacteria called probiotics can be an excellent medium for value addition. This talk is aimed at highlighting the importance of value addition by citing few examples of dairy based foods.

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