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SELECTBIO Conferences Technologies for Value Addition in Food Products


Non-thermal Processes: Advanced Technologies for Food Processing and Preservation

Snehasis Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemical Technology

Non-thermal process is an emerging trend in food processing as an alternative for thermal processes in view of nutritional quality of the product. Most of the thermally food products are preserved by subjecting to high temperatures for a few seconds or several minutes which may lead to loss of vitamins, essential nutrients, colour and flavor. To overcome or minimize these disadvantages, the concept of non-thermal process was explored. Usually, these processes are operated at room temperature so that vitamins, essential nutrients, colour and flavor will be protected with minimal or no loss. In addition to this non-thermal process can also be effectively used for enzyme and microbial inactivation. Such non-thermal processes include high hydrostatic process (HHP), Pulsed electric field (PEF), Ultrasound, Cold plasma processing, Light pulses, UV light, irradiation, use of antimicrobials and bacteriocins etc.
Each of these technologies has specific critical process parameters that must be monitored as part of critical control points. In-depth understanding of these technologies is the key while considering their implementation. The main challenge in non-thermal processes is standardization when compared to thermal treatments. Non-thermal processes seem to be product specific hence need additional research work to define process parameters. The advantages include better nutritional values, better sensory and microbiological quality, and minimal or no use of preservatives.

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