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SELECTBIO Conferences Technologies for Value Addition in Food Products


Technology of Value added Food for Pregnant/Lactating women

Ramesh Modi, Assistant Professor, Anand Agricultural University

[FROM SPEAKER] The study is part of the effort to provide nutritional based foods, that can be more cost effective and health effective for pregnant/lactating women. To cater the elevated demand of nutrition, moth-bean and finger millet were selected as major ingredients, being richer sources of iron and calcium respectively. The cereals were soaked, germinated and roasted to lower anti-nutrients. The best germination time optimized based upon reduction in the phytic acid and trypsin inhibitors and increase in amylase activity with optimum yield were 36 h and 24h at 30ÂșC temperature and 80% relative humidity for moth-bean and finger millet respectively. Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was adopted for three variables viz. moth bean flour, finger millet flour and barley malt extract, to optimize the formulation. The product was prepared by mixing germinated and roasted moth bean and finger millet flours with skim milk and barley malt extract, followed by cooking and vacuum drying. The product scored 7.6 out of 9.0 for overall acceptability by sensory when reconstituted in milk. It contained 16.74% protein while iron, calcium and zinc content was 5.70, 284.49 and 1.79 mg/100g respectively. This product, when reconstituted in milk @ 15 percent and 4 servings (124ml each)/day are consumed, a pregnant/lactating woman can fulfil approx. 34-35 percent Protein, 14-24 percent Iron, 70-71 percent Calcium and 18-19 percent Zinc requirements of her RDI given by ICMR.

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