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SELECTBIO Conferences Technologies for Value Addition in Food Products


Technological Innovation in Value Addition with Functional Meat Strategy

Monica Ahlawat, Pre Doctoral Student, Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences


 Due to changing scenario and socioeconomic factors, consumer's interest has shifted towards the potential health benefits of specific food which led to increase in significant share of new kind of value added meat products. Rapidly increasing urbanization, industrialization, rising income, changing food habits with preference for convenience ready to eat products and rapid proliferation of fast-food outlets offer a tremendous potential for rapid growth of this sector. To reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with meat, application of functional strategies during processing, for quality enhancement of value added meat products like chicken sausages, patties, nuggets, mixed meat loaf, steak, rolls, cooked meat stock, gizzard snacks, chicken gizzard pickles, chicken skin-meat cutlets, intermediate moisture chicken meat, gizzard and quail meat pickles, etc. is highlighted here. Nowadays, non-meat additives like vegetable proteins, dietary fibers, herbs and spices, and probiotics, etc.  have been widely utilized to improve the functionality of the products and to impart human health benefits. Product modifications like addition of 2.5% soy protein in sausage decreased drip loss during 8 week of refrigerated storage, whey protein coatings over sausage products reduced the TBARS and peroxide value by 31.3% and 27.1%, respectively, inhibited  growth of aerobic bacteria and decreased moisture loss by 31.3%,  sage addition protected high-pressure processed meat from lipid oxidation during chilled storage for 2 weeks, oregano essential oil (0.05%, 0.5% and 1% levels) showed potential to delay growth of microorganisms under modified atmosphere conditions, rosemary oil as natural antioxidant  preserved chicken nuggets and didn’t alter any physico-chemical and sensory property, incorporation of flaxseed powder at 4% level and oat powder at 6% level in chicken chips made by microwave cooking made it a healthier value added product. Strategy innovation of adding functional adjunct within technological processes of value addition in meat is the new emerging and exciting area of development.

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