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SELECTBIO Conferences Antibody Drug Conjugates


Antibody Engineering Approach for High Quality Clone & Process Development

Shailja Dwivedi, Sr. Research Executive- Advanced Biotech Lab, Ipca Laboratories Ltd

The successful introduction of antibody based protein therapeutic for treatment of autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, and cancer has fostered intense innovation in the production and engineering of antibodies. Antibody engineering has become a well developed discipline, encompassing discovery methods, production strategies and modification techniques which have brought booming marketing of antibody therapeutics.  However, antibodies are macromolecule, that pretense various challenges in formulation, manufacturing, stability and process development. The modern bio engineering techniques can help to overcome such issues.  Here we will discuss about antibody and their succession, marketing and research & development trends, antibody engineering approaches like Fc engineering or genome editing through modern techniques and how they help in improve the product quality and ease of production. We also will take a look on HTP devices which can be used for antibody engineering and product development. A number of researches are running worldwide to engineer the antibody, so we also will have a glance on some practical approaches which will cover: clone selection, process development and their impact on quality and quantity of product.

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