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SELECTBIO Conferences Antibody Drug Conjugates


iQue® Plus - Unique Among Flow-Cytometers

Suyog Jakhadi, Product Manager- Liquid Handling, Sartorius

With the promise of better specificity and safety, antibody-based drugs are a powerful tool for treating diseases. But finding the best candidates to move through development can be time consuming and expensive. It’s not just about screening to find the highest-affinity binder, it’s also about finding the antibody that can promote the desired biological response while avoiding off-target binding and toxicity. 
The iQue® Screener PLUS speeds your antibody discovery programs by reducing screening time while increasing the amount and type of data you can collect. In just a fraction of the time it takes to do a high throughput ELISA—and using far less target protein—the iQue Screener PLUS not only provides quantitative binding information, it can also deliver data from cell-based assays that report on many functions such as membrane integrity and cytokine release. This comprehensive data set helps you make more informed decisions about potential leads faster, reducing discovery time and costs while conserving valuable reagents.

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