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SELECTBIO Conferences Biosensors, Biomarkers & Diagnostics


Laser Printing and Functionalisation of Sensors

Ioanna Zergioti, Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens

During the last decade, laser based techniques have received significant attention as direct, cost-effective and high resolution printing/patterning techniques applied in a variety of applications including sensors, microelectronic devices, cell printing, etc. Among them, Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) exhibits inherent advantages, in terms of high spatial resolution of the printed and/or processed patterns, enabling the maskless (direct) deposition of highly resolved features of materials including biomolecules which serve as sensing elements of chemical and bio-sensors. The versatility that LIFT presents, offers the capability of its implementation for the fabrication of a variety of sensing devices, i.e. resistive, amperometric, transistor-based, optical sensing, and on different substrates. It is also used as an advanced functionalization process of the sensors surface without the need for intermediate layers, or chemical functionalization techniques, that often require treatment with toxic solvents and hazardous chemicals. Update, the LIFT technique is applied for the fabrication of several types of biosensors with high spatial resolution in a direct approach. In this work, examples of chemical and biosensors fabricated based on the LIFT technique will be presented. In particular photosynthetic, enzymatic, and DNAzyme biosensors will be presented for the detection of hazardous contaminants in food products and water.

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