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Plasma Proteomics for Novel Biomarker Development against Breast Cancer

Yogeshwer Shukla, Chief Scientist, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research

Breast cancer is one among the most death causing cancer among women worldwide. Despite the development of imaging techniques including mammography, MRI, CT scan, the occurrences of false-positive and false-negative cases remain there to over diagnose breast diseases. Therefore, the need for reliable marker for breast cancer screening is rising. Blood plasma is easily accessible source to generate feasible cost effective bioassay for the cancer screening. Proteomics based methodologies have proven the paramount of success for understanding the deregulated pathways in cancer as well as biomarker research. The advent of proteomics has enabled the identification of various prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers for breast cancer. In our laboratory, we have utilize various Proteomics applications to identify auto-antibodies against various cancer associated antigens in blood plasma in early stage of breast cancer and also studied the diagnostic accuracy of several novel proteins identified in breast cancer stages and different subtypes. We observed the high titers of both TYMS and PDLIM1 auto antibodies in breast cancer cases as compare to healthy subjects. Our study also showed that AHSG and TF are over expressed in breast cancer stages and their validation revealed a high diagnostic accuracy. Further, our studies have deciphered the altered proteomic patterns and their possible molecular interactions in each BC subtype. The study showed a strong association of FN1, A2M, C4BPA and CFB in molecular subtypes of BC, in which, C4BPA and A2M demonstrated a potent signature in blood plasma and tissue samples of luminal B and triple negative subtypes in breast cancer patients, respectively. Conclusively, our findings revealed the altered level expressions of several plasma proteins which can classify breast cancer and these proteins could have clinical importance for the diagnosis and prognosis.

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