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Electrochemical Biosensor for Detection of Platelet derived Microparticles

Jyotsna Kailashiya, Assistant Professor, Banaras Hindu University

We have designed graphene oxide-based electrochemical biosensor for quantitative detection of platelet derived microparticles (PMP). High PMP in blood has been recognized as major risk factor for arterial pro-thrombotic pathologies like acute myocardial infarction and stroke. For PMP biosensor, glassy carbon disc electrodes were fabricated with immobilized layers of graphene oxide and a specific antibody targeted against active conformation of integrin aIIbß3 present on PMP surface. Analysis was done with electrochemical analyzer. Results showed progressive rise in impedance with increasing number of PMPs in samples. The sensor was highly specific for PMP. Blood obtained from patients diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction exhibited significantly higher values of impedance, consistent with larger number of circulating PMP in these patients, as compared to samples from healthy individuals, thus validating biosensor as a specific, sensitive, label-free and cost-effective tool for rapid point-of-care testing of PMPs. Our biosensor is most ideal for mass population screening programs at periphery-level healthcare units with limited resources. It is aimed at early detection of individuals having higher imminent cardiovascular risk, as well as for routine analysis, which in turn would contribute to better management of screened ‘high-risk’ subjects.

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