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SELECTBIO Conferences Extracellular Vesicles 2023: Drug Delivery, Biologics & Therapeutics


An Effective Peptide-based Platform for Efficient Exosomal Loading and Cellular Delivery of a microRNA

Zucai Suo, Eminent Professor & Dorian and John Blackmon Chair in Biomedical Science, Florida State University College of Medicine

Exosomes, membrane-bound nanosized vesicles of biologic origin, are known to contain various molecules, e.g., proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, which contribute to the exosomes’ ability to mediate cell-to-cell communication. Recent impediments of artificial nanoparticles in drug delivery, including low cellular uptake, activation of the immune system, and tissue obstacles, have led scientists to engineer exosomes as drug delivery vehicles. Though exosomes possess inherent properties of stability, biocompatibility, low immunogenicity, and capability to cross biological barriers, there is a need to develop technologies that allow the efficient loading of therapeutic materials into exosomes. Here, we introduced a simple peptide-equipped technology that can enhance the cargo-loading potential of exosomes in a mild loading environment. Specifically, a known cell-penetrating peptide, YARA, derived from human immunodeficiency virus-1 trans-activator of transcription, was covalently conjugated with miR21-5p, a mammalian microRNA. The conjugate YARA-miR-21-5p was then incubated with exosomes, isolated from either mesenchymal stem cells or cancer cells, for loading. Exosomal loading of YARA-miR-21-5p was time-dependent and demonstrated an impressive 18.6-fold increase in efficiency over exosomal loading of miR-21-5p through incubation. After effective cellular uptake, the loaded exosomes rapidly delivered YARA-miR-21-5p into mammalian cells. Relative to unloaded exosomes and free YARA-miR21-5p, the loaded exosomes significantly enhanced the proliferation, migration, and invasion of human and mouse fibroblasts, which are vital steps in wound healing. This study lays the groundwork for using cell-penetrating peptides as an innovative approach to efficiently load therapeutic cargos, e.g., microRNAs, into exosomes, which can then be employed to deliver the cargos into cells to yield biological effects.

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