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Implementing Flow Processes in Industry: Critical Issues and Stakeholders

Peter Poechlauer, Principal Scientist, DPx Fine Chemicals Austria GmbH & Co KG

Many recent applications have demonstrated the benefits of flow processes in the synthesis of fine chemicals. Authors from academia and industry have pointed to striking advantages related to process safety, speed of development and implementation, product quality and other features. Still the uptake of techniques of continuous processing in the fine chemicals industry is slow, the most frequently cited reasons being the “risk-averse” behavior of this industry and its reluctance to invest in new production concepts in the presence of idle conventional plants. In implementing various continuous flow processes DPx (in part owned by DSM) has learned to tackle questions related to health, safety, environment and regulatory bodies next to purely technical questions such as process safety, cost and product quality. In the presentation various examples of flow processes are given to show the diverse considerations the may be important in meeting different stakeholder expectations.

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