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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry Europe 2016


Enhancing Process Optimization in Flow Chemistry

Mel Koch, Associate Director, CPAC, University of Washington

There is an increasing industrial interest in the development and application of new technology for optimizing process operations. Process intensification and process optimization approaches are being implemented to respond to these interests. Advances in process and product sampling have allowed for significant advancement in the use of measurement tools – that implement process analytical technology (PAT) and that support efforts in improving process monitoring and control. A program was initiated in the Center for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC) at the University of Washington to demonstrate the value of an advanced flow micro-reactor platform in conjunction with micro-analytical tools and modular sampling system components to improve process understanding and process control as a way to show value in the use of Quality by Design (QbD). Implementation of PAT has allowed for easier use of multivariate analysis techniques and related methodologies such as data fusion - used to process the data and predict product properties. Encouraging results from better characterization of raw materials and process intermediates have allowed for better process understanding, which leads to developing the operational design space for the process. Process control systems are then improved and process optimization is achieved.

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