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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry India 2017


Flow Chemistry – The Process Defines the Rules

Robert Ashe, Managing Director, AM Technology

Flow chemistry projects usually start with micro reactors. The capabilities of small channels however are unusual.  They deliver low dispersion numbers at low axial velocities, the radial distances are low enough to mix by molecular diffusion alone and the surface to volume ratios are high enough to deliver excellent heat transfer with small temperature differences (between the process fluid and heat transfer fluid). When the same experiments are attempted in larger systems however, problems are usually encountered around mixing, heat transfer, plug flow or a combination of these. This can be the start of a frustrating programme of experiments with different hardware and setup arrangements. In many cases, the project is abandoned. Where solids are present, experiments with micro reactors usually come to a rapid end with the first blockage.
Some scale up studies will always be difficult but most problems can be avoided from the outset by understanding the process in relation to the underlying rules of flow. AM Technology commit extensive time to testing and development in this area.  This talk will cover progress in two common problem areas relating to temperature control and handling multiphase mixtures. 

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