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Value-Added and Functional Food from Fish and Fishery Products

Armaan U Muzaddadi, Senior Scientist, ICAR-CIPHET

Fish and fishery products will continue to form important component sources of protein, essential fatty acids, mineral and vitamins to diets. The word fish production was 158 million tonnes in 2012 of which human consumption was 136.2 with per capita food fish supply 19.2 kg. India produced 9.58 million tonnes of seafood in 2013-14 and exported about 980 thousand tonnes with value over 30,000 crore. At present, fish constitutes about 31% of the global animal protein intake. Demand for the high value added product is expected to increase in future due to increasing awareness of fish and fishery products as health food items. The key areas for growth and development in the food processing industry in near future will be focussed on the functional food, convenience food, food ingredients and high-valued non-food items with zero waste concepts, optimum utilization of by-products from the fishery industry and promoting value added healthy food. The functional food such as chitosan, fish gelatine, fish collagen, on the functional properties of surimi powder and fish oil (omega 3 and 6), fish soup gelatine, fish skin gelatine from marine and fresh water fishes are some of the important products. These products may be developed from the fish processing wastes and by products that contain highly valuable bioactive compounds which are generated in huge quantities from the fish processing industries.

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