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SELECTBIO Conferences Food Processing and Analysis


Technology of Restructured Meat and Poultry Products

Sukhcharanjit Singh Thind, Professor, Punjab Agricultural University

As the term is used today, restructuring appears to be a concept that had its beginning in the early 1970’s. Meat restructuring involves assembly of meat pieces into a cohesive product which aims to stimulate or retain the texture of high quality muscle. Bind in restructured meat products may be achieved through the formation of heat- or cold-set gels. Particle size reduction, addition of ingredients and their mixing, forming and bind setting are considered as the major steps in making of a restructured meat product. The methods followed for restructuring are flaking and forming, chunking and forming, sectioning and forming and combination method. Appearance of the meat, comminution methods, particle size, temperature of meat, mixing time, meat type, fat content are the major factors that affect the quality of the finished restructured product. Also, non- meat ingredients like salt, phosphates, acidulants, soy proteins have great role in restructured meat products. Binding of protein is an important aspect in case of such products. Some studies indicated the use of transgultaminase, alginates, Activa as binders which led to more firmer and regular gel structures. It is recommended to cook and reheat these products in convection oven as it maintains the juiciness and requires less cooking. Safety is the most important aspect of any food and same goes for restructured meat products. Safety of the food be the first preference of the manufacturer. Restructuring addresses growing consumer concerns over composition of meat products and issues of convenience, portion size and texture but by no means restructuring be considered as a replacement for high quality cuts of intact muscles from meat animals. It should be considered as a way to expand the potential for muscle foods in marketplace.

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