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An Innovative Technology for Rapid Detection and Identification of Bacteria and Yeasts by rRNA Sandwich Hybridization

Shyam Verma, Market Segment Manager, Sigma-Aldrich Co

HybriScan technology allows comprehensive and reliable routine control of microbial contamination for quality control in treatment plants and manufacturing processes. It is based on the detection of microbe-specific rRNA using sandwich hybridization. The signal read-out is triggered optically by an enzymatically-generated color change. The system is sensitive and specific since the method is based on molecular genetic identification, and it allows detection of a group of microorganisms as well as specific species. No PCR is required because the method is quantitative without cell counting (using standards) and uses standard laboratory equipment. HybriScan is an economical, high throughput, 96-well microplate format system. The test is performed in less than 3 hours and offers substantial time savings compared to cultivation-based assays. HybriScan is ideal for safety and quality control of water, and food & beverages (food-borne pathogens like Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and Cronobacter spp., and counting of Legionella in water, including the most relevant species, L. pneumophila.

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