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Nutritional Quality Assessment and Evaluation of Acceptability of Value Added Flaxseed and Oat Cookies by School Going Children

Vinti Davar, Professor, Kurukshetra University

Finding creative ways to add flaxseeds and oats to the meals of school going children can be a challenge. The present study assessed the acceptability and biochemical estimation of standardized value added nutritious cookies containing oats and varying amounts (30, 45, 60 & 75 g) of flaxseeds. Biochemical estimation was done using AOAC standards. The nutritive value of cookies was evidently increasing with addition of higher amount of flaxseeds. The mean protein, fat, iron, fibre, and calcium value of each portion of cookies was noted to be 13.8±2.3 g, 24.02±6.8, 4.6±0.63mg, 9.7±1.1g and 82.5±10.4 g respectively. Organoleptic assessment of four types of cookies with varying quantity of flaxseeds was done by randomly selected 20 children using 9-point Hedonic scale. Cookies with 30 grams flaxseed were rated to be the best among all in colour, appearance, taste, flavor and showed the highest acceptability (8.91±0.89). It is opined that increasing the level of flaxseed in the cookies resulted in the significant decrease in the sensory attributes of the cookies. With respect to the texture, children have least accepted the cookies with 30 grams flaxseeds (5.80 ±1.13) whereas cookies having 45 grams flaxseeds were highly acceptable (7.90±1.44). In terms of mouth feel and crispiness also cookies with 45 grams flaxseed were considered to be the best by the subjects. The study concluded that oats and flax seeds can be incorporated and accepted in cookies by children to provide good nutrition.

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