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Integrating Microarray, RNA-seq & Proteomics Data for Biomarker Discovery & Network Analysis

Kshitish Acharya, Faculty Scientist, IBAB

Availability of large volumes of molecular data provides an excellent opportunity to understand the molecular processes and to short-list new candidate biomarkers in various biological contexts. We have been developing a platform for integrated functional genomics analysis via a novel algorithm for meta analysis of data sets. Current research, a collaboration between IBAB ( and Shodhaka Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (, has helped us to establish the credentials of the basic methodology in this regard. Even though our major focus has been on the mammalian testis-tissue, we have extended the application of our meta analysis to liver, lung and breast cancer conditions. We intend to establish each tissue as a portrait of molecular networks under normal conditions first, and then compare with networks under disease conditions. We are equally keen to use this information to identify new potential biomarkers, and develop support-systems for further analysis. The approaches have indeed helped us to identify potential new markers for some of the disease conditions. The talk will present such examples, with focus on a specific case study pertaining to an infertility condition in men (non-obstructive azoospermia). The experimental work involved NGS (RNA-sequencing), reverse-transcription PCR, quantitative PCR, cloning and sequencing.

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