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Short Stories on Long Noncoding RNAs

Vinod Scaria, Scientist, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology

Long noncoding RNAs are a recently discovered class of noncoding functional RNAs. The long noncoding RNA class is largely characterized and differentiated from the small RNA counterparts by their longer transcripts (>200nt) and lack of sequence conservation. Unlike the smallRNAs which include microRNAs, members of this class have not been extensively studied, barring a handful of candidates. We created a comprehensive database of long noncoding RNAs in human and systematically analysed the biomolecular interactions of lncRNAs integrating experimental datasets in public domain. We systematically integrated experimental datasets on RNA protein interactions, RNA-RNA interactions and RNA processing. We additionally used computational methods to predict RNA-DNA interactions. Putting together the biomolecular interactions, we show significant patterns of enrichment of interactions in specific domains in lncRNA, suggesting these domains have potential functional roles. Additional analysis of these functional domains suggest a low frequency of intraspecies variations, suggesting these regions are potentially under selection. Our analysis suggests the first systematic approach towards functional characterisation of lncRNAs and prioritising lncRNA variations using extensive data integration. The lncRNA compendium and biological interactions are also made available on our in-house resource lncRNome.

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