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SELECTBIO Conferences High Content & Phenotypic Screening 2017


3D Imaging and 2D Quantification of Mitochondrial Potential of Confocal Slices in Tumor Spheroids Acquired by Using High Content Analysis, Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy

Andrew Barlow, Field Application Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Spheroid analysis represents a powerful tool to precisely measure tumour processes, within an organism, as it allows us to study the physiological effect of gene mutations on a whole subset of cells or on a whole organism such as C. elegans. High content analysis is a well-established approach for multi-parameter analysis of cellular events, and is being used more and more in the field of tumor spheroids, as the technologies used to produce and image the spheroids have become more refined. Spheroids are a growing area of interest, particularly for phenotypic-based drug discovery where the target protein is unknown, and may be used to model metastasis, assess compound penetration and identify anti-tumour therapies.

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