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SELECTBIO Conferences Liquid Biopsies 2019


Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) For Liquid Biopsy

John Nolan, Professor, The Scintillon Institute

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are released by all cells, and carry molecular from the cell of origin, making them attractive targets for biomarker and liquid biopsy development. In particular, the possibility to interrogate EVs in biofluid to identify tumor-, stroma-, and immune-derived EVs could lead to new biomarkers for disease diagnosis and treatment. However, EVs are heterogeneous, small, and difficult to measure, and commonly used EV analysis techniques lack the specificity and sensitivity required for robust biomarkers. Flow cytometry (FC) is a powerful tool for analyzing single cells and there is interest to use FC to measure individual EVs, but the small size and dim optical signals produced by EVs challenge the sensitivity and resolution of conventional FC-based approaches. We have developed FC-based approaches to detect and measure EVs as small as ~75 nm and cargo to 30 molecules per vesicle. We are using these tools to understand the release of EVs from tumor cells and to detect them in biofluids for biomarker development.

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