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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics 2016


Labs on a Chip Integrating Nanomaterials and Self-propelled Molecular Machines: New Platforms for Clinical and Food Safety Diagnosis

Alberto Escarpa Miguel, Professor, University Of Alcala

Nanomachines represent one of the most exciting areas of nanotechnology, offering considerable promise for a myriad of applications. Artificial nanomotors can be functionalized with different bioreceptors or sensing elements with attractive analytical capabilities for advanced sensing applications. In this talk I will discuss the first example of using self-propelled antibody-functionalized synthetic catalytic microengines for capturing and transporting target proteins between the different reservoirs of a labs-on-a-chip (LOC) system device. The new motor-based microchip immunoassay, based on "active-target  transport" in quiescent solutions, represent an attractive alternative to current pressure-driven or electrokinetic flow-based microfluidic devices. I will also discuss how the extraordinary technical advances in the field will led to even more sophisticated LOCs devices integrating nanomachines composed entirely of new nanomaterials. Graphene-based tubular microengines, which combine the outstanding catalytic properties of micromachines with the unique surface chemistry of graphene, offer particular promise for diverse LOC applications. Powerful mobile optical microsensor platforms coupling the attractive optical properties of quantum dots (QDs) with the autonomous movement of highly efficient microengines, will be also described. Such advanced mobile microsensors offer real-time optical visualization of the analyte recognition events, allowing for facile integration of various QDs with different emitting wavelengths for future on-chip multiplexed operations. These recent advanced are bringing closer our hopes for personalized medicine and food safety assurance.

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