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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics 2016


An Integrated Opto-Fluidic Platform For Applications In Drug Development, Point Of Care And Companion Diagnostics

René Heideman, CTO and Co-Founder, LioniX bv

The presentation concerns the application of optical planar TriPleX waveguides as a chip-based platform for multi-analyte, fluorescence (LIF) based and label-free detection of molecular interactions. In LIF the evanescent field induced in close vicinity of the surface of the waveguide excites labelled (bio)molecules which are captured by receptors, e.g. antibodies, immobilized on the surface. The resulting fluorescence light can be coupled into seperate detection waveguides, allowing for a biosensor-array that is fully solid-state. When combined with microfluidics, a handheld opto-fluidics system can result, which is mandatory for Point-of-Care systems. Implementation of the waveguides in an optical interferometric or micro-resonator scheme allows for a very sensitive label-free platform as in this case small changes of the refractive index caused by the molecule capturing are easily detected. The unsurpassed sensitivity of these sensing schemes allows for screening of small molecule drug candidates. In addition, the hybrid integration of source and detector enables a tiny and low low cost chip to be applied in Companion Diagnostics and Point-of Care equipment. In three running EU-FP7 projects (BIOFOS, SYMPHONY and BRAAVOO) this opto-fluidic platform is combined with a number of (bio)chemistry functionalisation methodologies with aptamers and antibodies in order to detect contaminations in food and marine environment. In addition, both platforms can be further uniquely improved by a reproducible and selective, proprietary surface functionalisation chemistry. The current state-of-art will be treated, as well as examples of commercialized products.

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