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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics Europe 2018


Fluids for Theranostic Cell-based Analytics

William G Whitford, Strategic Solutions Leader, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The maintenance and culture of cells in small-scale constructs and devices is becoming more common within experimental cell biology. Not only do such environments determine unique conditions for the cells and their ambient media, but there is an evolution in the means and intermediate conditions of cell assemblies and device designs. We now see cells maintained in very small-scale environments, housed in new materials and surface activations, exposed to unique physical and chemical stress, and requiring the addition of new polymeric or other agents. And, all of these are occurring at sometimes extreme cell density, highly divergent co-culture demands, and requiring highly biomimetic results and activities. Theranostics, the use of molecular imaging, therapeutics, and image-guided therapy, is growing to include biosensors, liquid biopsies and other personalized medicine-related diagnostic technologies. Newer liquid biopsy technologies including microfluidic-based or 3D printed means of testing supports targeted therapeutics individualized to a patient’s personal genetics and specific disease. Those testing approaches requiring the maintenance of animal cell viability and phenotype need a robust source of appropriate, validated and regulated maintenance fluids or culture media.

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