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Tandem Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Molecules: An Insight into the Synthesis of Deuterated Small Molecules

Akhilesh Verma, Professor, University of Delhi

The simplicity, efficiency and generality of transition-metal-catalyzed tandem reactions and synthesis of deuterated compounds using electrophilic cyclization and hydroamination of alkyne have led to its applications in the synthesis of a wide variety of heterocyclic compounds and natural products. Synthesis of small heterocyclic molecules in terms of selectivity, operational simplicity, functional group tolerance and environmental sustainability are in constant demand as majority of drugs; drug-like compounds contain hetero atom at their core. In continuation of our interest in the synthesis of heterocycles using alkynes, we have successfully engineered the synthesis of variety of biologically important heterocyclic scaffolds using electrophilic cyclization and annulations chemistry.1-3 In this presentation I would discuss recent results in this chemistry as well synthesis of deuterated compounds.

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