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Perspectives and Challenges in Drug Research: Design and Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles as Novel therapeutic Agents

Prem M S Chauhan, Professor (AcSIR), Central Drug Research Institute

Drug research one of the important area of science. It is also very time taking and require multidisciplinary efforts. Nitrogen heterocycles are constituted a major class of existing drugs. These compounds are widely distributed in nature and are essential to life process. They also play a vital role in the controlling the metabolism of all living cells. The activity of these molecules is attributed to their ability to interfere against several imortant biological target sites. Keeping in view importance of nitrogen hetrocycles in antiparasitic area, we have synthesized novel heterocycles as antiparasitic agents . These heterocycles were synthesized by classical solution phase as well as on solid support. Several synthesized compounds have shown promising in vitro and in vivo antiparasitic activity against Malaria and Leshimania parasites. The design, synthesis and antiparasitic activity of these novel therapeutic agents will be discussed [1-6]

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