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Automation Tools for Drug Discovery

Basavaraj Gadag, Director, eDiscovery Automation Pvt Ltd

The pharmaceutical industry continues to face an ever-changing, increasingly competitive global business environment. New potential drugs have to meet not only certain medical criteria such as purity and solubility, but must also meet specific physical criteria to allow their storage in the many climatic conditions of their final markets. Modern drug discovery therefore extends far beyond the synthesis of new compounds and biological testing. In addition, existing drugs and newly discovered compounds must also be subjected to intensive pre-formulation testing such as salt and polymorph screening, solubility and stability testing. In many cases, new formulations have to be developed to enhance the efficacy and controlled release of the drug and to enhance its shelf life in addition to resistance to temperature changes through transport and storage. Zinsser Analytic, Germany have helped the pharmaceutical industry since 1989 by supplying innovative, custom designed automation for drug discovery workflows, such as high throughput synthesizers, single purpose testing systems or sophisticated, versatile modular workflow systems for parallel or combined functionality, such as for the screening of various properties - solubility, salts, polymorphs and stability. Many unique modules for mixing, dispensing of liquids, powders and viscous solutions, weighing, heating, cooling, pH titration and in-line analysis have been developed making Zinsser Analytic a unique supplier to the Pharmaceutical field.

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