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SELECTBIO Conferences MetaboMeeting 2015


A Novel Lipid Screening Platform Allowing a Complete Solution for Lipidomics Research

Baljit Ubhi, Lead Staff Scientist, Metabolomics & Lipidomics Applications, AB Sciex

A major challenge in lipid analysis is the many isobaric and near isobaric interferences present in highly complex samples that confounds identification and accurate quantitation. This problem, coupled with complicated sample preparation techniques and data analysis, highlights the need for a complete solution that addresses these difficulties and provides a simplified method for analysis. A novel lipidomics platform was developed that includes simplified sample preparation, automated methods, and streamlined data processing techniques that enables facile, quantitative lipid analysis. Herein, serum samples were analyzed quantitatively using a unique internal standard labeling protocol, a novel selectivity tool (differential mobility spectrometry; DMS) and novel lipid data analysis software. A QTRAP® System (SCIEX) was used for targeted profiling of hundreds of lipid species from 10 different lipid classes allowing for comprehensive coverage. This system not only allows for quantitative results for each lipid class as a sum of individual species but 2. mole percent composition was obtained computationally from lipid molecular species data; and 3. accurate lipid species compositions. The data was compared with historical data generated by alternative methods. Samples were quantitated using software accompanying the full solution which incorporates the novel labeled internal standards available as a kit, developed for this platform.

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