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Wearable Eccrine Sweat Biosensing: Uncovering The Real Challenges That Lie Ahead

Jason Heikenfeld, Professor, University of Cincinnati

Despite the many advantages of eccrine perspiration (sweat) compared to other biofluids (particularly in “wearable” devices), sweat remains an underrepresented source of biomarker analytes compared to the established biofluids blood, urine, and saliva.   Several challenges have historically kept sweat from its place in the pantheon of clinical samples. These challenges include very low sample volumes (nL's), lack of sweat during resting, filtration and dilution of large analytes, mixing of old and new sweat, analtye-specfic sensors, and the potential for contamination from the skin surface. This talk reviews these challenges, and highlights emerging technological solutions which will likely change your perspective on what sweat biosensing can accomplish. 

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