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SELECTBIO Conferences Organ-on-a-Chip Europe 2017


Biomaterials Design for Experimental Organ Models

Gianluca Ciardelli, Professor, Polytechnic University of Turin

Tissue engineering represents a straightforward approach for the development of bioartificial substitutes for organs and tissues, which can in turn be applied in regenerative medicine, diagnostic and pharmaceutical research. The 3D tissue/organ models may elucidate fundamental aspects of cell function and identify mechanisms involved in aging processes and disease progression, overcoming the limitations of animal testing. This research work describes innovative scaffolds able to mimic the structure and composition of heart and bone tissues. In order to replicate myocardial tissue mechanical properties, young and aged artificial substitutes were produced from an elastomeric-like polyurethane (PUR) and a polyurethane-poly(e-caprolactone) blend (PUR/PCL: 50%/50%), respectively. Scaffolds were produced by Thermally Induced Phase Separation to obtain an oriented fiber texture similar to the cardiac tissue; scaffolds surfaces were functionalized with fibronectin, in order to mimick the ECM composition and function. These models showed mechanical properties and morphology similar to those of native tissues and can maintain long-term cardiomyocyte viability, showing spontaneously beating cells. Glass–ceramic scaffolds produced via sponge replication method were used for trabecular bone modeling. The starting glass powders belong to the system SiO2–P2O5–CaO–MgO–Na2O–K2O and ware produced by melting–quenching route. The scaffolds showed porosity, pore size, and strut thickness that closely mimic the one of normal and osteoporotic trabecular bones. To mimic the bone organic phase, the scaffolds have been surface coated with a collagen/PUR blend. The presence of the coating improved the biocompatibility, as assessed with rat's MSCs. Moreover, the models showed good osteogenic properties at 28 days of culture.

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