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SELECTBIO Conferences Point-of-Care, Biosensors and Rapid Diagnostics Europe 2023


REACH Restriction Proposal of Fluoropolymers and all PFAS-Substances: What is Happening in Brussels, How Will it Impact Microfluidics, Diagnostics and What to Do?

Wouter GEURTS, Business Development Manager - FILMS , TEKNI-PLEX

The purpose of the presentation is to provide a nutshell overview of what the current proposal is aiming at, what can be done (to respond to the open consultation by ECHA before it closes in September 2023 and to report uses of PFAS and fluoropolymers that are not yet listed, among them many which relate to microfluidics), and to present a roadmap on how this may impact the future of microfluidics – in essence – a roadmap.
What is happening now? While low-molecular PFAS are now being assessed by the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, a much more significant legislative change is coming in Europe.
The REACH restriction proposal will ban over 10000 substances that contain Carbon-fluor bonds, and it will impact future use of materials used in diagnostic assay development and microfluidics in Europe, for instance because it will ban the use of PTFE. This will impact the future use of fluoropolymers and fluorinated substances in assays on a short term. The restriction is expected to enter into force in 2025-2026.


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