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SELECTBIO Conferences Circulating Biomarkers, Exosomes & Liquid Biopsy Asia 2019


Multifluorescence NTA - Next Generation EV Characterization with Particle Metrix ZetaView

Sven Rudolf Kreutel, General Sales Manager, Particle Metrix GmbH

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) has emerged to a vital and fast characterization technology for exosomes, microvesicles or viruses. In combination with fluorescence detection (F-NTA), NTA enables the user to perform biomarker detection on the single particle level, thus enhancing real EV concentration measurements. Classic NTA instruments however are equipped with one laser, requiring phenotyping in sequence. Here we report the multi-fluorescence detection of four independent biomarkers (CD63, CD81, CD9 and CD41) in one NTA sample with the new Particle Metrix ZetaView QUATT for the first time.

Add to Calendar ▼2019-09-09 00:00:002019-09-10 00:00:00Europe/LondonCirculating Biomarkers, Exosomes and Liquid Biopsy Asia 2019Circulating Biomarkers, Exosomes and Liquid Biopsy Asia 2019 in Seoul, KoreaSeoul,