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SELECTBIO Conferences Single Cell Analysis Summit 2018


cellenONE® X1 – The Next Generation Platform for Single Cell Isolation and NGS Library Prep

Joshua Cantlon, Technical Sales and Applications Engineer, Scienion US

The cellenONE® X1 Redefines Single-cell Genomics. Enabled by its core technology, a piezo-acoustic, picoliter-volume dispenser, it offers unmatched accuracy and flexibility for dispensing bulk reagents and single cells with micron precision in any labware. The cellenONE® X1 platform breaks away from the limitations of current technologies based on finely tuned emulsions or large volume plate based approaches. Emulsion based platforms do not offer multiple interventions, while plate based platforms have limited scalability. The cellenONE® X1 is opening a big door into the small world of single-cell analysis by combining the low volumes found only in emulsions with the flexibility of a liquid handler to enable scalable nanoliter volume library prep of single cells. The cellenONE® X1 also offers a new paradigm for rare samples allowing up to 95% recovery from samples containing as little as 100 cells, making it ideal for clinical sample processing. The patented deterministic approach and real-time feedback allow true single cell isolation while offering the precision and confidence required by the growing single-cell sequencing and cloning communities. The cellenONE® X1 drives the single-cell genomics revolution into the next era. We will present data for applications including single-cell 3' RNAseq, WGA, and a never before seen COMPLETE RNAseq workflow.

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