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SELECTBIO Conferences Translational Regenerative Medicine Congress 2014


Adipose Derived Stroma/Stem Cells and Angiogenesis: From Bench to the Bedside and How We Can Move On

Louis Casteilla, Director STROMALab, University of Toulouse

Adipose-derived Stroma/Stem cells (ASC) share numerous features with MSC from bone marrow and represent a good alternative and attractive source of stromal cells for clinical purposes. ASC are relatively easy to obtain from adipose tissue and in higher number compare to MSC from bone marrow. They display a greater angiogenic potential. In recent investigations, we investigate the effects of aging on regenerative properties of ASC. We demonstrate that aging is mainly associated with great changes in their paracrine activity. Manipulating oxidative stress drives the fate of these cells and can reverse aging phenotype. In parrallel, we conducted a clinical trial to test the tolerance and feasibility of a treatment of non-revascularizable critical ischmia leg with autologous ASC. The primary end-points, i.e. feasibility and safety are ok and the secondary end-points reveal the improvment in wound healing.

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