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SELECTBIO Conferences ADME and Toxicology 2013

Deepak Barot's Biography

Deepak Barot, President & CEO, PBR Private Limited

Deepak Barot is currently Vice President, Preclinical Research at Microtherapeutics Research Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India. He has held Managemental & scientific positions like Head pharmacology, Scientific Manager, Sr. Scientist & Senior Scientific Assistant at Vanta bioscience (Chennai), Biocon-BMS Research Centre (Bangalore), Aurigene (Bangalore) and Zydus Research Centre (Ahemdabad) respectively. Deepak has extensive drug discovery research experience in the field of metabolic disorders, Inflammation, oncology and neuroscience. He has been associated with all the areas of Drug metabolism or Pharmacokinetics, pharmacology and toxicology (including early Phase drug discovery, lead optimization and preclinical pharmacokinetic/pharmacology/toxicology studies) pertaining to the discovery of New Chemical Entities (NCEs).
He has broad scientific knowledge, leadership skills and hands on experience in conducting DMPK or Pharmacology/Toxicology studies and various analytical methodologies used in laboratory settings such as H/UPLC and LCMS/MS etc.He received his PhD in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology & did his research on “Efficacy, Interaction and Pharmacokinetic studies of fourth generation cephalosporin in rats, healthy and fever induced Surti goats”. He was instrumental in initiating and bringing APA meetings to India and is currently scientific adviser to Boston International Conferences, The Boston Society Inc, US.

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Preclinical Formulations for Early Discovery Invivo studies

Thursday, 30 May 2013 at 15:30

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