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Harshini Mukundan's Biography

Harshini Mukundan, Principal Investigator, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr. Mukundan is a scientist and principal investigator at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Following a PhD in biomedical sciences and three year industry experience developing hand held robust sensors for pathogens, Harshini joined Los Alamos with a prestigious NIH post-doctoral fellowship. Her team is focused on the development of ultra-sensitive and specific detection assays for pathogens of interest to global health and national security. The research effort of the multi-disciplinary biosensor team focuses on engineering new sensor systems (waveguide-based optical biosensor platforms), transduction schemes (membrane insertion technology), functional surfaces (silane based self assembled monolayer chemistry), recognition ligands (recombinant antibodies, carbohydrates and aptamers) and fluorescence reporters (quantum dot conjugated recognition ligands). This integrated approach has been used to develop diagnostic assays for agents such as mycobacterium tuberculosis, bacillus anthracis, serotype specific detection of influenza viruses, and others. More recently, the team has been working to develop rapid diagnostics for Shiga-toxin carrying E. coli, a concern to the beef industry, and extending the technology for M. tuberculosis detection to full-scale clinical studies, among others. The team is also interested in using the strategies developed to understand host-pathogen biology, especially in the context of innate immune recognition of pathogen associated molecular patterns during infection, processes that have significant impact on the design of both vaccines and countermeasures.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018 at 00:00

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