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SELECTBIO Conferences Genomic Applications of qPCR, dPCR & NGS

Jinmiao Chen's Biography

Jinmiao Chen, Project Leader Research Scientist, Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), A*STAR

Jinmiao CHEN got her Bachelor in Computer Science, PhD in machine learning and artificial neural networks. After her PhD, she joined the Bioinformatics service core of SIgN, A * STAR Singapore in 2009. She has worked closely with bench scientists from SIgN and other research institutes to analyze microarray, next generation sequencing and microbiome data. In 2014 when high-dimensional mass cytometry and single-cell RNA-sequencing become available in Singapore, she developed a series of new computational methodologies for analyzing high-dimensional single-cell data. Since 2014, she started her own research lab, single-cell computational/system immunology (SCCI) lab. Her lab currently focuses on integrated analysis of high-dimensional flow/mass cytometry and single-cell RNA-sequencing data, with the aim of studying cellular diversity, cell lineage, cell-cell interaction, cell movement and rare cell populations. Her lab carries out independent research to develop new data analysis methods, and meanwhile massively involves in data analysis through collaboration. In addition, the lab also initiates and runs biological research projects together with clinicians and biologists.

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Single-cell computational/system immunology

Thursday, 26 May 2016 at 15:00

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