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SELECTBIO Conferences Genomic Applications of qPCR, dPCR & NGS

Dadabhai Singh's Biography

Dadabhai Singh, Director, Cloudseq Pte Ltd

PhD in Life Sciences from Central University of Hyderabad, India (1987)
PDF: Rice Genome Program, Tsukuba, Japan and International Rice Research
Institute, Manila, Philippines (1997-1999)
1989-1997: Asst Professor, Dept Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Pantnagar
Univerity, India
1999-2002: Senior Scientist, National Research Center on Plant Biotechnology, Indian
Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India
2003-2012: Cofounder and VP of Genvea Biosciences Pte Ltd, Singapore
2013- Current: Founder and President, CloudSeq Pte Ltd, Singapore.
§ Coordinated a multi-million dollar Man Power Development Project
(Agricultural Biotechnology) funded by Dept. Biotechnology, Govt. India
§ Established a state of the art Genome Informatics Center at Indian
Agricultural Research Institute, India heading a team of IT experts and Biology
experts for Rice Genome Annotation under an International collaborative
project comprising 14 countries
§ Co-founded Genvea Biosciences Pte. Ltd. Singapore conceptualizing and
supervising the development of an innovative bioinformatics middleware
§ Created market awareness and built the brand in Singapore and Malaysia and
made Genvea Biosciences profitable in the first year of incorporation
§ Instrumental in establishing Chemoinformatics and expanding business to
Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia with a strong pipeline of prospects and
sales network
§ Successfully promoted the bioinformatics middleware concept at global level
including EU FP7
§ Instrumental in getting the coveted MSC status for Chemoinformatics
§ Made Chemoinformatics a force to reckon with in the field of Bioinformatics
with several high profile installations in Malaysia and Thailand.
§ Instrumental in getting the coveted BioNexus status for OneBio (a sister
concern of Chemoinformatics)
§ Joined KooPrime, Singapore as Director, CloudSeq with a vision to make NGS
(Next Generation Sequencing) data generation, management and analysis
through Cloud.
§ Launched CloudSeq Pte Ltd ( with seed funding from
NRF/MDA (Govt. Singapore) and Expara (
§ Successfully established a partnership with A*CRC (https://www.acrc.astar. to make Supercomputing facilities available to its clientele
§ CloudSeq is in negotiation with several leading institutes and corporate
hospitals in APAC region to establish a Clinical Genomics Link-way using highspeed
data transfer protocol as a part of Smart City initiative in association
with iDA (Infocomm Development Authority, Singapore

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OncoGenomics in the Cloud

Friday, 27 May 2016 at 10:00

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