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Claude de Bellefon's Biography

Claude de Bellefon, CNRS & CPE Lyon, University of Lyon

Claude de Bellefon received his PhD from the University of Strasbourg and his Habilitation from the University of Lyon. He then obtained a NSF fellowship for a postdoctoral position at PennState University USA, to work on the synthesis of new Ta organometallic oxide complexes. In 1987, he was awarded a permanent research position with the Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Strasbourg. Later, he was awarded a fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation at the Technical University Munich to work on organometallic oxo-rhenium complexes. Between 1991 and 1995, he was associate researcher at the Rhône-Poulenc research center in Lyon to develop catalytic hydrogenation processes. In 1995, he moved back to academia to lead the team for Catalytic Process Engineering at CPE Lyon, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the University of Lyon. He is currently holding a position as Research Director at CNRS and is the Scientific Director of CPE Lyon. He has authored more than 100 scientific papers, holds five patents, has given more than 60 invited lectures and has advised 30 PhD works. He was also the Chairman of the lead international symposium on Microrectors (IMRET) in 2012 and is/was a member of the editorial board of Chemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Flow Chemistry, Catalysis Today. His main research interests are multiphase catalytic reactors, homogeneous & heterogeneous catalysis, kinetics, high throughput screening, micro- and structured reactors, flow-chemistry and Process Intensification.

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Multiphase Flow Chemistry for Demanding Catalytic Reactions

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 at 17:20

Add to Calendar ▼2018-02-06 16:55:002018-02-06 17:55:00Europe/LondonMultiphase Flow Chemistry for Demanding Catalytic ReactionsFlow Chemistry Europe 2018 in Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK

In the last decade, innovating micro- and milli-structured multiphase reactors have been developed allowing high mass and heat transfer performances and opening new process windows. When a solid catalyst is needed, it is often involved as a thin film deposited on the reactor or channel walls, offering poor catalyst content per volume of reactor. Also, catalyst handling and changeover in case of deactivation are difficult and/or expensive. To face these issues, multiphase micro-packed bed reactors operating with powdered catalysts have been proposed albeit at the expense of very high pressure drop. The alternative concept  of open cell solid foam reactor is now well established for gas-solid reactions and more and more works are performed for multiphase gas-liquid or gas-liquid-solid reactors. In the presentation comparisons to other reactors are proposed in terms of hydrodynamics, heat, mass and momentum transfer performances for demanding multiphase gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid reactions. In particular, demanding hydrogenations and oxidations are performed with the idea is to look for possible synergetic effects by combining G-L segmented flows  and open cell solid foams to surpass the characteristics obtained in the two separated systems (low pressure drop, enhanced mixing, good thermal behaviour and mass transfer capacities).

Add to Calendar ▼2018-02-06 00:00:002018-02-07 00:00:00Europe/LondonFlow Chemistry Europe 2018Flow Chemistry Europe 2018 in Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK