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SELECTBIO Conferences Circulating Biomarkers, Exosomes & Liquid Biopsy Europe 2019

Lorena Diéguez's Biography

Lorena Diéguez, Leader of the Medical Devices Research Group, INL- International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

Lorena Diéguez joined INL in 2014 as a Staff Researcher and is, since 2018, the leader of the Medical Devices research group. Her research is mainly devoted to Translational Medical Research in close collaboration with hospitals and focuses on the development of tools and solutions based on microfluidics, biosensors and nanotechnology towards early diagnosis and a better understanding of diseases. She is also very interested in translating her technology from the lab to the clinic and is co-founder and CEO of the spin-off company RUBYnanomed in the field of liquid biopsy. Currently, she is part of the coordination team of INL’s Precise Personalized HealthTech cluster and also the Chair of the Working Group in Medical Devices at the ETPN (European Technology Platform in Nanomedicine).

She obtained her Bachelors in Physics with a Major in Optoelectronics at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2005, then completed her Masters in Nanotechnology at the University of Barcelona (UB) in 2007 and her PhD in biosensors at the UB, the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia and the ETH Zürich. Her postdoc at the University of South Australia (2010-2013) was devoted to the study of rare cells from biological samples using microfluidics.

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Isolation and Multiplex Analysis of Tumor Cells and Tumor DNA From Body Fluids on a Chip

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 at 15:00

Add to Calendar ▼2019-10-30 15:00:002019-10-30 16:00:00Europe/LondonIsolation and Multiplex Analysis of Tumor Cells and Tumor DNA From Body Fluids on a ChipCirculating Biomarkers, Exosomes and Liquid Biopsy Europe 2019 in Rotterdam, The NetherlandsRotterdam, The

Early dissemination of cancer is difficult to detect by traditional imaging and pathological methods. While the presence of cancer material in body fluids is well known, current techniques for the isolation, analysis and characterization of these biomarkers are not efficient enough to be fully applied in clinical routine.
In recent years, microfluidics has been widely reported for efficient isolation of CTCs and free nucleic acids. Moreover, microfluidics and microdroplets offer miniaturization, automation, high-throughput, and intrinsic reproducibility. Despite fluorescence has been the main detection technique integrated within microfluidics and microdroplets, SERS allows higher detection limits and offers much more information than fluorescence, as the Raman spectrum is the fingerprint of the analyte under study and allows multiplex detection.

In this talk, we present our work for isolation and multiplex analysis of cancer biomarkers from body fluids based on microfluidics, microdroplets and SERS. The present approach combines the device engineering for size isolation, with nanotechnology engineering and optical detection. The development of this platform encounters a remarkable advance towards personalized medicine, especially in the field of cancer research.

Add to Calendar ▼2019-10-30 00:00:002019-11-01 00:00:00Europe/LondonCirculating Biomarkers, Exosomes and Liquid Biopsy Europe 2019Circulating Biomarkers, Exosomes and Liquid Biopsy Europe 2019 in Rotterdam, The NetherlandsRotterdam, The