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SELECTBIO Conferences Emerging Technologies for Diagnostics - New Orleans 2024

David Issadore's Biography

David Issadore, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

My research focuses on the integration of microelectronics, microfluidics, nanomaterials and molecular targeting, and their application to medicine. This multidisciplinary approach enables me to explore new technologies to bring medical diagnostics from expensive, centralized facilities, directly to clinical and resource-limited settings. My academic background in electrical engineering and applied physics and my research experience in a hospital research laboratory prepared me to work and collaborate effectively on these inherently cross-disciplinary problems. Furthermore, the multidisciplinary nature of this work make it especially well suited for the broad expertise present in Penn’s research community, including researchers from material science, electrical engineering, bioengineering, cancer biology, and infectious diseases. My prior work has focused on developing automated and inexpensive tools to control and analyze biological samples, both for point-of-care medicine and as a platform to explore questions in basic science. My most recent work was the development of a biomedical chip for the ultra-sensitive detection of rare cells ex-vivo.

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