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SELECTBIO Conferences Liquid Biopsies and Minimally-Invasive Diagnostics 2016

Priya Gogoi's Biography

Priya Gogoi, Vice President, Strategy and Research, Celsee Diagnostics

Priya Gogoi is a co-founder of Celsee Diagnostics and holds a Masters of Sciences in Cell and Molecular Biology. Prior to founding Celsee Diagnostics, Ms. Gogoi, with Esperion, gained valuable insights into the working of start-ups and how team dynamics and powerful communication backed up by a strong foundation in science is key to success. These learned skills assisted her in the founding of Celsee Diagnostics and its innovative culture.

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Add to Calendar ▼2016-09-29 00:00:002016-09-30 00:00:00Europe/LondonLiquid Biopsies and Minimally-Invasive Diagnostics 2016Liquid Biopsies and Minimally-Invasive Diagnostics 2016 in San Diego, California, USASan Diego, California,