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Yves Rozenholc's Biography

Yves Rozenholc, Professor, University of Paris Descartes

Yves Rozenholc is Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University Paris Descartes in Paris (France) and was organizer of the school « Tumoral Genome Analysis » in France. From theoretical background, he turns his interest more than 10 years ago into application of statistics mostly for cancer research to build biomarkers coming from imaging or genomic. He has now about 70 publications in both theoretical and applied scientific journals with about 1000 citations. Since now 4 years, he has focused on the analysis of cell-free DNA for both cancer and non-invasive prenatal tests. In the context of tumoral cell-free analysis with Pierre Laurent-Puig and Nicolas Pécuchet, he recently developed the tool PlasmaMutationDetector publically available on the CRAN to detect and quantify rare allele mutations using next-generation sequencing to replace the need for a tumor biopsy.

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