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Amy Han's Biography

Amy Han, Director, Chemistry, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Amy Han is an accomplished contributor to the Drug Discovery and Development industry. Dr. Han, a 20-year veteran, is currently directing ADC effort at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Regeneron, she held numerous senior scientific positions at leading pharmaceutical companies like Dupont Merck, Dupont Pharmaceutical, BMS, Incyte, and Progenics. She has led and managed multiple drug discovery and development programs, covering multi-therapeutic areas from initiation through to clinical trial stages. During her tenure at Regeneron, Dr. Han also discovered novel cytotoxic payloads for cancer and non-cytotoxic payloads for beyond cancer, as well as novel linker platform for protein/protein and protein/small molecular conjugations and stability in vitro and in vivo. Dr. Han has led and made critical contributions on ADC programs. She was co-author of the book - “Developing the Next Evolution in the Book of Cure for Cancer in Antibody-Drug Conjugates”, and also presented a workshop training on Next Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugate Technologies with a specific focus on Site-Specific Conjugation. Dr. Han has authored 60+ patents and have presented at numerous domestic and international conferences. In addition to her technical accomplishments, she has also managed teams, both internal as well as remote teams in domestic and internationally based Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

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Development of Site-Specific Steroid-ADC for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases

Thursday, 24 May 2018 at 14:45

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