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Sanjiban K Banerjee's Biography

Sanjiban K Banerjee, Director, AbGenics Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

Dr Sanjiban Banerjee is the cofounder and director of AbGenics Lifesciences Private Ltd, a Pune based biotech company working to develop antibody based therapeutics for infectious diseases and cancer. Prior to setting up AbGenics he worked in both the academia and industry in diverse areas such as drug target identification, antibody engineering, drug discovery and business development, nationally and internationally. He has a PhD in molecular biology from Institute of Microbial Technology (Chandigarh, India) and has done post doctoral work in Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ( Seattle, USA ) where he identified a number of drug targets for bacterial and parasitic diseases and developed biomarkers for cancers.
In AbGenics, Dr Banerjee directs a set of diverse research programs with the objective of developing novel biologics and delivery systems using diverse platforms such as antibody engineering, RNA interference and probiotics mediated drug delivery. The core research focus is the control of bacterial infections and neglected diseases like those caused by geohelminth parasites. The major research projects involve developing a new class of antibiotics consisting of bacteriolytic molecules based on heavy chain antibodies derived from camels to target hard to control multidrug resistant bacteria.

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AbTids - A New Class of Antimicrobials

Thursday, 24 May 2018 at 12:15

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