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SELECTBIO Conferences Innovations in Microfluidics 2020

L. Scott Stephens's Biography

L. Scott Stephens, CEO & Founder, Hummingbird Nano, Inc., Professor, University of Kentucky

Dr. Stephens is a professor and an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of industry and university experience in the broad areas of machine design and manufacturing processes. He has pioneered the integration of new technology into these areas; most notably applying photolithography to create a new generation low power and temperature-controlled bearings and seals. His work on fluid lubrication and magnetic actuators has appeared in highly ranked journals with his work on magnetic systems appearing on the cover of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Presently, his work with Hummingbird Nano merges his research in microsystems, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and magnetics to enable a revolutionary new additive manufacturing process applied to microfluidics. Dr. Stephens presently serves as CEO for Hummingbird Nano where he has successfully led the company from the lab into a new production facility and its first revenue.

Dr. Stephens received his PhD from the University of Virginia and is a Fellow of the ASME.

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A Novel Microfluidic Mixing Chip

Monday, 17 August 2020 at 14:00

Add to Calendar ▼2020-08-17 14:00:002020-08-17 15:00:00Europe/LondonA Novel Microfluidic Mixing ChipInnovations in Microfluidics 2020 in Boston, USABoston,

The interaction of fluids in microfluidic systems is a challenging yet important application. These interactions can take the form of controlled reactions, distribution of particles (slurries), particle control in emulsions and control of concentration, among others.   In many of these "mixing" applications, the reagents can be very costly, so it is important to have a system that offers low swept volume and zero dead volume.  This presentation will review approaches to the mixing applications and introduce a new chip design low swept volume and zero dead volume.  Sample results for the a simple mixing of concentrated dyes will be presented.

Add to Calendar ▼2020-08-17 00:00:002020-08-18 00:00:00Europe/LondonInnovations in Microfluidics 2020Innovations in Microfluidics 2020 in Boston, USABoston,